EasiDiet™ Canned Foods

EasiDiet™ can be used as a sole diet or as a complementary treat and is perfect for bearded dragons, leopard geckos, monitors, chameleons, and most other lizards, amphibians and turtles. No freeze dried critters here; the unique EasiDiet™ packaging process means nutrients and moisture are locked in the can, ensuring a soft and moist treat every time.

Choose From
  • EasiCricket™ crickets (large & small)
  • EasiWorm™ mealworms (large & small)
  • EasiHopper™ grasshoppers
  • EasiPillar™ caterpillars
  • EasiSnail™ de-shelled snails
  • EasiSilkworm™ silkworm pupae
  • EasiDragon™ dragonfly larvae for bearderd dragons
  • EasiShrimp™ whole river shrimp for Aquatic Turtles
  • EasiMix™ snails and river shrimp for Hermit Crabs
Coming Soon
  • EasiWaxworm™ wax worms
  • EasiMoleCricket™ mole crickets
  • EasiEarthworm™ box turtle food

If you hate the hassle of feeding live insects, then our EasiDiet™ line is for you. Skip the gut load and hydration cubes; no more chirping crickets or odor from prey that die prematurely. EasiDiets™ are the easy alternative to feeding live prey, and with the variety we offer, you can offer a more diverse diet to your animal.


Feed as much food as the animal will consume in one feeding (24 hours). If extra food remains, then feed less. Discard uneaten portions after 24 hours. Refrigerate after opening.

As with live prey, you may choose to dust any of these items with a calcium or vitamin supplement like JurassiCal™ or JurassiVite™